The Victory Show, Cosby, Lincolnshire, Santa Pod Raceway, Nortamptonshire, Seething Charity Air Day, Norfolk, 7 – 8 September 13

Traditionally, the Trig Aerobatic Team go to war at the beginning of September.  Not a real war of course – as we are fully paid-up, peace loving individuals – but a re-enacted war in a field at Cosby, near Leicester.

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LAA Rally, Northampton Sywell; Shoreham Air Show, West Sussex; Rhyl Air Show, Denbighshire, Wales and Morecambe Bay Seaside Festival, 30 August – 1 September 2013

Praying for pleasant weather has never really been a Meteorological Office approved method for guaranteeing a good weekend; however, in the weeks preceding this one, I did plenty of it.  Meticulous planning removes most of the variables but when you have a packed schedule, it doesn’t take much to throw a spanner in the works.

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CarFest South, Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire and Little Gransden Air and Car Show, Cambridgeshire, 24 – 25 August 13

Fresh from our first CarFest North experience at Oulton park, this weekend we journeyed south to sample the southern equivalent.  This event follows a similar format to Carfest North, but instead of being held at a dedicated racing circuit, Chris Evans’ team transform the lovely Laverstoke Park Farm into a feast of fun for all the family.

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Clacton Air Show, Essex, 22 – 23 August 13

It is awfully British and somewhat tedious to keep harping on about the weather but the conditions we experienced getting to and displaying at Clacton are probably worth a little mention.

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Woolley Moor, Derbyshire, 17 August 13

We are delighted that the kind people of Woolley Moor keep inviting us back to fly at such a picturesque location; however, trying to position a show in the rolling Derbyshire hills, with one end of the display line significantly higher than the other and a venue which looks quite similar from various angles, can prove challenging.  Throw in some bucketing turbulence, coupled with strong winds, and you have the building blocks for an exciting day out!

As we passed Leicester and assessed the winds aloft, we were mentally attuned to what we thought the conditions would be like at Woolley Moor but nothing could have prepared us for the sheer brutality which we subsequently experienced close to the ground.  The conditions were so rough that it would have been unsafe to fly our normal full routine and just staying over the site was a full-time job.  It can be extremely frustrating when the weather conspires against you to that degree

We achieved all we could in the circumstances and breathed a sigh of relief as we climbed up into smoother air (a relative term!) for the short flight to Leicester.  We clambered out of our aeroplanes, somewhat relieved to be back on terra firma, and hoped that the boisterous day hadn’t adversely affected the ground-based fun.  We would love to come again but hopefully someone will turn the wind down a bit next time!


Blackpool Air Show and Whitstable Regatta, 11 – 12 August 13

Somehow we had done it again and planned a show on one side of the country, shortly followed by a show on the other side of the country.  More important than all the tedious logistics was brunch, so we positioned to Headcorn in Kent for a bacon roll so that we could get psyched up for our first show at Whitstable.

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‘On Your Marks’, ASDA, Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire and Rayne Fly-in, Essex, 10 August 13

‘On Your Marks’, sponsored by Asda, started over 11 years ago because an Asda driver named Mark Higginbottom was sadly diagnosed with Lymphatic cancer and only had a short time to live.  The owner of Bruntingthorpe, David Walton, kindly allowed his airfield and proving ground to be used by Asda lorries and visiting car clubs to give Asda employees and friends a chance to drive around the track under instruction.

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‘Wings on Waves’, Felixstowe, Suffolk, 4 August 13

Excited at the prospect of a new show springing up only a few minutes from our home base, we fired up the barbeque and invited a couple of the other participants over for a bite to eat prior to an afternoon of flying.

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CarFest North, Oulton Park, Cheshire and RAFBF East Kirkby Air Show, Lincolnshire, 3 Aug 13

We headed to Cheshire to support CarFest North, a festival of fun, food, flying, music…….oh and the odd car!  Brainchild of Chris Evans, the event raises a massive amount of money for Children in Need and offers something for all the family.  Set at Oulton Park Race Circuit, sight of a former stately home, the scenery is spectacular.

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Scotland’s National Air Show, East Fortune, 27 July 13

Whilst our Trig Avionics colleagues decamped to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the week, we headed north to their home turf, to fly the flag at East Fortune in Scotland.

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