The team fly two Pitts Special S-1D Biplanes, Trig Aerobatic Team
the Pitts Special is one of the most legendary light aerobatic aircraft ever built. Although originally designed by Curtiss Pitts back in 1944 the design proved so successful that the Pitts has been used by some of the most famous display teams ever since, this included
the Rothmans and Marlboro aerobatic teams in the 1970s. The Pitts Special also dominated world aerobatic championships in the 1960s and 1970s and, even today, it remains a potent competition and display aircraft.

The team’s aircraft are powered by Avco Lycoming IO-360 engines generating 180HP, powering a fixed pitch metal propeller. This gives them a top speed of 200mph, and with a max weight of only 522 kilograms. This power to weight ratio allows fantastic aerobatic performance and an astonishing climb performance of over 2500 feet per minute.

The aircrafts diminutive size enables it to be manoeuvred in a remarkably small area and gives it a fantastic rate of roll. It is a very sensitive aircraft to handle which makes display flying in the aircraft an absolute pleasure.