Richard Grace

Richard GraceSon of famous display pilots Carolyn and Nick Grace, Richard achieved his pilot’s licence at the age of 19 this started his career in display flying. At 20 Richard flew his first display at the Red Bull Air Race at Longleat, in his Cassutt Racer. He then proceeded to purchase and rebuild a further two Cassutt Racers so that he could form his own formation display team. This team, called The Dukes of Cassutt, flew their first display in July 2007.

Now Richard not only leads the Trig Aerobatic Team but also displays the family Spitfire. In his limited spare time he also offers tailwheel flying courses to flying licence holders as a Class Rating Instructor.
An aircraft engineer by trade, Richard started working on aeroplanes at the age of 13, in his summer holidays, at The Fighter Collection at Duxford. He was employed as a full time engineer on the family Spitfire at the age of 18 and maintained flying club aircraft where he learnt to fly. Richard now manages an approved CAA and EASA maintenance facility at Bentwaters in Suffolk.

Dave Puleston

Dave Puleston

Dave learnt to glide at RAF Marham in 1989, aged 14, and to fulfill a craving for powered flying, he began working part-time at the Norfolk and Norwich Aero Club, Swanton Morley, where he was remunerated in flying hours. He frequently carried out the ‘less glamorous’ tasks, such as cleaning aeroplanes and sweeping the hangar floor, but the hard work paid off as he managed to accumulate experience in many interesting aircraft types.

Following his lifelong ambition to fly a Pitts Special, Dave first flew a Pitts S1 at the age of 17, shortly after the issue of his Private Pilot’s Licence and before he held a licence to drive a car. He taught himself to fly basic aerobatic manoeuvres in aircraft such as the Pitts and Boeing Stearman, but later experimented with more advanced figures under the strict guidance of experienced members of the Moscow Aerobatic team, flying a Yak-52. Formation experience was also gained at an early age and refined as a member of the Dukes of Cassutt formation team, flying the diminutive Cassutt Racer.

Dave has flown more than 60 types of light aeroplane and gliders, mostly vintage or aerobatic, has held a CAA Display Authorisation since 2000 and is a Class Rating Instructor. He is the joint owner of G-BETI which he restored, from a wreck, to flying condition in 2005, utilising the experience gained in his day job as an aircraft engineer. As well as displaying in The Pitts Pair Dave still displays numerous other aircraft including The Grace Spitfire.

Daisy Burge

Daisy looks after the logistics of the team. After a background in sales and marketing Daisy was encouraged into aviation by Richard Grace and is now a keen pilot, gaining her pilots licence in 2009 at Andrewsfield in Essex. Having qualified to fly tailwheel aircraft Daisy now flies the company Super Cub. Daisy has worked as cabin crew for both Easyjet and Thomas Cook airlines. Daisy is also a talented photographer who takes a lot of the air to air photographs of the team.

As our first point of contact for the team Daisy organises airshow and event schedules for those booking the Team. Daisy is expert at arranging display permissions for the teams off site display work at weddings and outdoor events countrywide.

David Brothers B.Eng (Hons) C.Eng MRAeS

Trig Team David learnt to fly gliders at Pocklington, Yorkshire at the age of 16, subsequently followed by powered flight whilst in the Air Cadets, passionate about aviation since childhood.

Dave read Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Bath, which lead him to his first job as an aircraft designer at British Aerospace. Seeking a more practical role Dave was privileged to work at a Flight Test & Evaluation Engineer at Boscombe Down, the home of the UK’s Military Flight Test & Evaluation.

Dave obtained his Private Pilots licence in San Diego in 2000, and gained experience whenever possible through the military flying club. Dave enjoyed restoring G-BETI, our Pitts Special, with fellow team member Dave Puleston over a four year period which he now enjoys flying and practising aerobatics.
Dave assists with the team’s maintenance and logistics with the ambition of becoming a fellow team display pilot in the near future. Dave currently manages a fleet of commuter aircraft for his day job, and holds an Airline Pilots Licence, Instrument & multi engine aircraft rated Pilot.